Augustinians live in a community of brothers. These can be small communities of 3 brothers or larger ones with 20 members. It is an exception for an Augustinian to live alone. Within the community, the affairs that belong to a community are taken care of. There is a prior in charge, an economist who takes care of the management of the house and its finances. Someone is responsible for the chapel and the library and everyone has their own role in the household. The money earned is for the community and everyone gets what is needed for a simple livelihood. We live together as unmarried men to fully focus on community and God. The property we have is common. that it does not mean that we live in poverty, but that we live frugally and simply. It is also important that we are obedient to the community and do what the community asks us to do or not do. There must also be an atmosphere at home in which everyone can find their way to God.


As a religious community we are also supported by prayer. Augustine also says in his Rule, without saying anything further about frequency, that we should meet regularly for prayer and that the chapel should be used only for prayer. This prayer mainly consists of praying and singing the psalms, listening to a lecture and silent prayer and meditation. The frequency of gatherings is determined in part by the activities in the home. In the convent in Ghent the daily order looks like this:

7:00 am: Meditation

7.30 am: Morning prayer

8:00 am: Breakfast

12.00: Afternoon prayer and lecture service

12.30: Lunch

17.30: Evening prayer

18.00: Eucharistic celebration

18.40: Dinner

Once a week we pray the rosary together and once a month there is Eucharistic adoration


We are not a contemplative order but try to find a balance between the silent search for God and service to the church and the world. The latter manifests itself in different ways. We do not look for a specific task, but do what the church asks us to do, as long as community life does not suffer as a result. Augustinians usually have their communities in the cities, where there are many people. Although there is Augustinian beer, we do not brew beer ourselves, run a farm or operate large guest houses. Our work is diverse: some will be active in parish ministry as a pastor or cooperating priest. Others will teach in high schools. There are also those that focus on science. The study of Augustine's works is important to us, as are other areas of theology. Still others are active in spiritual guidance or pastoral care for specific target groups. Although we want to be outward-looking, for others it may also mean that the work is mainly indoors in a devotional shop or the household of a large convent. True to the rule, we also look for what suits someone best.