Augustinians in Belgium

‘One of heart and one of soul on the way to God.’


The Order of Saint Augustine, better known as the Augustinians, is a Roman Catholic religious order. She belongs to the large group of religious orders that emerged in the Middle Ages. She wants to connect the contemplative life with pastoral work. She has a long tradition of prayer, study, pastoral work, education and spirituality based on the life and work of Saint Augustine. On this website you can find everything about the life and work of the Augustinians of the Belgian province.


Augustinians present at the Mission Congress in Brussels in 2024

The Mission Congress is a project supported by a group of lay people from all over Belgium. The aim is to bring together all Catholics of Belgium for a large family g...
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Temporal vows of the friars Abel and Blaise

On Saturday, December 9, 2023, brothers Abel Kini and Blaise Kouami Sessoafio took their temporaral vows at the Rule, in the hands of Provincial Superior Martin Davak...
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Vocationweekend 5-7 april 2024

From April 5-7, 2024, eight cooperating orders and congregations of male religious are organizing a vocations weekend in Averbode. The Augustinians also participate i...
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Solemn profession of the friars Anh, Isidore and Hop on 14th october 2023

On October 14, brothers Anh, Isidore and Hop made their solemn profession in St. Stephen's Church in Ghent. Among their fellow brothers, family and parishioners, they...
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Day of Study on Augustine

On October 25, 2023, there was a meeting about studying Augustine in the Augustinian convent in Heverlee. There were lectures by Mathijs Lamberigts on 'Omnes beati es...
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The convent as a furnace - Life as an Augustinian by Jef van Houtem osa

'I was born in 1946 in Pamel, in the Pajottenland west of Brussels. I grew up with two brothers and my mother, who was widowed at an early age. My father died in a traffic accident before I was born....
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Living together, praying together, serving everyone - Interview with friar Venceslas Sassou Skpade

I wanted to help people and serve them. I participated in a reflection by the Salesians and that struck me. There was a speech by a Salesian who talked about Mother Teresa, how her motto was, “I thirst.” There are...
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